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Fade The Frauds

Fade The FraudsClick Image To Visit SiteDear friend, I’m sorry for being so blunt but it’s true. And let me repeat for emphasis: unless you are in the top 1% of all sports handicappers in the world, betting on sports is an unwinnable task. All of your years of watching sports religiously won’t amount to much when in comes to placing a wager. I’m sure everybody has that friend who can spout off names and stats for every athlete out there but they can’t pick a game to save their life. It’s a skill that is nearly impossible to learn and even harder to maintain. Fortunately for me (and now you), the system that I’ve created and mastered has brought me to that point. My name is Sean Ryan and I’ve always considered myself an above average and very passionate sports bettor. For as long as I can remember, the majority of my spare time has been dedicated to studying the sports betting industry. I started out taking bets from my friends in middle school and eventually found myself living in Las Vegas to gamble full time. Throughout my time in the industry, I’ve purchased countless betting systems and would end up disappointed more times than not. I would dish out my hard earned money to the “expert handicappers” only to find myself handing out even more money to my bookmakers.

Through my connections in the industry, I had (and still have) access to hundreds of handicappers’ picks. Just out of curiosity I started tracking a select few handicappers. One month into tailing these 3 cappers, not a single one was hitting over 30%. I was shocked. These guys are supposed to be the pros and they can’t even hit 3 out of 10 bets? It didn’t take long for me to realize that there was a TON of money to be made by betting against many of these “experts”. All I’d have to do is research everyday and seek out all of the tell tale signs of a losing streak coming on from any of the hundreds of bettors that I follow. This is not simply finding a bad bettor and going against his picks. I came up with a formula to pinpoint the the struggling cappers and bet against their picks.

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